Artifact & Apparatus is a peer-reviewed, open-access online journal. We invite scholars, curators, and practitioners from art history, film and media studies, library and information science, science and technology studies, and related fields to contribute articles on the history, theory, aesthetics, and practice of media objects, broadly conceived. Why "artifact and apparatus"? We want to harness these words' multiple meanings to encourage a revision of media history grounded in its material artifacts and technological apparatuses. From digital information networks to early electrical communications tools; from closed-circuit video surveillance systems to mechanical typewriters; and from optical toys to virtual reality artworks, we invite contributors to reconsider the material objects that record, store, transmit, and reproduce texts, images, sounds, and information.


media archaeology; media materiality; media archives; media art; digital media; material and visual culture.


Artifact & Apparatus is a member of the Radical Open Access Collective.



Hugo Ljungbäck, MFA (University of Chicago)

Advisory Editorial Board

Ina Blom, PhD (University of Oslo / University of Chicago)
Peter Sachs Collopy, PhD (California Institute of Technology)
Melissa Dollman, PhD (Deserted Films)
Timothy Druckrey, MFA (School of Visual Arts)
Doron Galili, PhD (Stockholm University)
Hanna Hölling, PhD (University College London / Bern Academy of the Arts)
Grazia Ingravalle, PhD (Queen Mary University of London)
David Parisi, PhD (College of Charleston)
Eszter Polonyi, PhD (University of Nova Gorica)
Wanda Strauven, PhD (Columbia University)
Colin Williamson, PhD (University of Oregon)