In our second issue, "Practices of Preservation," contributors explore how "obsolete" media technologies are repurposed for contemporary use. Taking an expansive view on both practice and preservation, these scholars examine cases ranging from retroengineering and academic research communities centered on breaking apart and reconfiguring older media technologies to scholarly and artistic conservation projects. Whether a computer peripheral, a media artwork, or a database, the contributors work to uncover what kinds of practices emerge through the engagement with "obsolete" media, and what is preserved by retrofitting, reverse-engineering, or archiving the original technology. What can older media practices teach us about our contemporary media ecologies, and how can we re-envision their creative, scholarly, and artistic possibilities today?

Image source: Jeremy Gray, "The Analogue Pocket breathes new life into the iconic Game Boy Camera," DPReview, December 15, 2021,


"Retro-mediation, Commodore 64, and Interoperational Devices"

J├Ârgen Behrendtz & Anders Carlsson  |  PDF

"R-CADE's Ecology of Practices: An Exploded-View Diagram"

Robert A. Emmons Jr. & James J. Brown, Jr.  |  PDF

"Reanimated? Brian O'Doherty's Portrait of Marcel Duchamp: Three Leads"

Heike Helfert & Arnaud Obermann  |  PDF  |  MP4 supplement

"But Where IS the Daidalos Project? Searching for Meaning in a Fragmented Archive"

Stephanie Grimes  |  PDF